a New property search program better than Trulia or Zillow

Introducing a Program Designed to Make Your Home Search Easier, Faster and More Successful

No more need to spend hours in front of your computer flipping from one real estate website to another trying to find listings with the home features you desire and the price range you want.

No more need to be frustrated by calling about a listing you've found online that has the home features you want and that's within your budget only to learn that it's already under contract or no longer available.

No more need to feel that finding the right home for you is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

This program puts the power of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) right at your fingertips. The most accurate and up to date property information on Planet Earth emailed directly to you. Never miss another listing that has the property features you're looking for because you'll be among the first to receive all the new property listings with the features you want in addition to updated price information the very day it happens. 

How It Works

You simply fill out the short form provided below with the area you’re interested in and the property features you want. You will then begin receiving daily emails directly from the MLS of all the properties that match the items you’ve selected in the area you want. Imagine not needing to read through dozens of listings just to find a couple that have what you’re looking for. You only receive listings that match all the features that you’re looking for in your new home, including the price of the home and its location. Stop wasting time and effort on third party vendors like Trulia or Zillow, that are often loaded with out of date data for your home search and start getting your information right from the source, the MLS. There are many buyers who have access to the latest information and can get an offer accepted before you even see the property on those other websites particularly in vigorous selling markets like The Villages.

A very important aspect of this amazing program is that it is a partnership with a nonprofit charity helping those with cognitive impairments including Autism, Down Syndrome, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.  Your participation helps those with special needs lead more independent lives and reduces the chance of their neglect and abuse. We rely heavily on our nonprofit partnerships to fund our work for special needs. Please visit our "Home" page to see how your participation can make a difference in the lives of those with cognitive impairments by allowing us to give The Virtual Caregiver programs to those in need at no charge.


Outstanding program to Find the perfect home for you

Your personalized MLS search in and around The Villages, Florida

To Begin, you merely complete the simple "MLS Home Delivery Form" below by selecting  the square footage you would like and your minimum and maximum budget for the home. You also pick the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you’d like in addition to selecting the specific location that you are most interested in looking at (see map). Finally, you can include any other home features you'd like in the "Special Features" space provided. Once these spaces are filled in, simply click "SEND".

After sending in your completed form, you will start receiving an email each and every day with all the new listings that match your criteria which are available in the location you specified. These will be sent directly to you for viewing at your leisure and if at any time you want to change your search criteria, merely email the changes you’d like to make and they will be reflected in the new listings you receive the following day. It is an incredibly simple way to search hundreds and even thousands of properties to find the right one for you, all from the comfort of your home. 

If you have any questions about how this MLS Home Delivery Program works, please contact me by phone, text or email using my contact information below:

Paul Wulf

Call or Text: 352-661-0383

Email: paul@thevcg.org

Map showing 5 main sections of The Villages.
Map showing 5 main sections of The Villages.

MLs home delivery Form

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About The Villages: Florida's Friendliest Hometown

Introducing the Villages, called “Florida’s Friendliest Retirement Hometown”. From homes on tree lined streets to an amazing healthcare program, organized sports to a myriad of shopping venues, recreation offerings of over 2000 social clubs to fine dining and restaurant options - The Villages offers its residents an active adult lifestyle all accessible by separate golf cart paths and trails. 

The concept of the Villages began in the 1960’s when a Michigan businessman, Harold Schwartz saw an opportunity during one of Florida’s land booms. The Florida grasslands were abundant and at the time presented quite a bargain. Schwartz, like many other developers of that time purchased huge parcels of land hoping to attract retirees from the northern states to the lush Florida paradise. In the early stages of development what is now The Villages began as a trailer park named “Orange Blossom Gardens”. Eventually this would grow and become The Villages after following the example of other successful retirement communities like Sun City and adding amenities to the development like banks, shops, golf courses and restaurants. 

Today, The Villages has a population of over 125,000 residents. It encompasses 3 Florida counties of Sumter, Lake and Marion. It boasts 50 golf courses, over 2000 social and activity clubs and 3 town squares where you will find live entertainment 365 days a year. There are now hundreds of retail stores, from arts and crafts to clothing, furniture and department stores. Dining options are just as plentiful featuring recognizable national restaurant chains to unique independent boutique style dining. In addition there are 14 Country Clubs, each with a featured restaurant that offers its own specialty dish, daily specials and happy hours. The Villages Florida is the ultimate leisure lifestyle destination in the Country.

Our Special Real Estate Non-Profit Partnership


The MLS Home Delivery Program is a partnership between an Independent Real Estate Agent and our nonprofit charity helping those with Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia, Autism, Down Syndrome and other cognitive impairments. For everyone who participates in this outstanding program we receive funding for our work with special needs and there is no cost or expense for you to participate.​​ Please visit our "Home" page to see how our Virtual Caregiver program helps reduce the neglect and abuse of those with developmental disabilities and helps them experience a more independent lifestyle. 

About our nonprofit partner

Paul Wulf began his real estate career as a private investor, fixing and flipping properties. His professional background includes over eight years as an Executive Director of State facilities for developmentally disabled adults and as President of CAMEO an organization serving the needs of seniors in Southwest Florida. Prior to joining the Association of Realtors for Lake and Sumter Counties, He was part of the Naples Area Board of Realtors and ranked in the top 5 out of over 9000 licensed Realtors for sales in Southwest Florida by TIB Bank. He is a multiple year recipient of the prestigious 5 Star Award for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction from Gulfshore Life Magazine. He has also held the real estate designations of (CDPE) Certified Distressed Property Expert and (SRES) Senior Real Estate Specialist. In addition to these residential credentials and awards He is a trained commercial real estate representative who has specialized in multi-million dollar apartment developments with over a decade of experience with those complex negotiations. 

His experience and expertise are focused on two main areas which are very similar in their infrastructure and geographic composition. These are the communities, neighborhoods and small towns around Disney World and the multi-layered and ever-growing sectors of The Villages Florida. 

Feel free to contact Paul Wulf by:

Phone or Text at 352-661-0383

Email at paul@thevcg.org

Paul Wulf, Realtor    Amerivest Realty   (Office) 800-830-1196    

4851 Tamiami Trl N Ste 258   Naples, FL 34103